inFORMING CONTENT 2017 will be held from October 20th - 22nd, 2017 at Queen's University in Kingston. 

inFORMING CONTENT is a three-day creation lab combining experimental approaches to theatre-making with expert academic presentation on the world-of-the-moment. Scholars illuminate contemporary issues from their various expert viewpoints, which serve as the starting point for artistic exploration and creation.

Led by Volcano Associate Artist Deborah Pearson, inFORMING CONTENT aims to expose young theatre-makers to forms of creation that are outside the scope of most traditional training in Canada. We strive to challenge artists to collaborate with academic experts in performance creation. By doing so, we institute a dialogue that will allow these new forms to mirror, prod at, and in some cases, explode content.

inFORMING CONTENT is a rare opportunity to work outside of your comfort zone in a risk-friendly environment with a team of top-notch Canadian professionals, as well as with peers from a variety of artistic disciplines. We try to be as accessible as possible: participation at inFORMING CONTENT is free for the artists, and the lectures and performances are free for audiences.

Team Leaders



inFORMING CONTENT is free for participants and audience members. 


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The Performances and Academic Lectures are BOTH open to public and are completely FREE!

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