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November 22 - 24, 2019 | Kingston, ON
Theme: “Our Changing Planet”

inFORMING CONTENT is a FREE three-day creation lab combining experimental approaches to theatre-making with expert academic presentations on a theme of current global concern. Scholars from a range of disciplines illuminate the theme from their various expert viewpoints. Their presentations serve as inspirations for 5 teams of artists from the city of Kingston and Queens university to create performance responses to the lectures, in collaboration with an incredible slate of Lead Artists. The general public is invited to come see both the starting point (the academic presentations) and where this information ends up after being processed by artists.

Attendance at both events is free for audiences. Participation as an artist is also free (upon registration). See below for details.

By registering for the inFORMING CONTENT, all Participants agree to abide by the Code of Conduct.


Price to Attend: FREE! (No need to register)

Free Lectures: Friday, November 22, 7:00pm, Convocation Hall 

Free Site Specific Performances: Sunday, November 24, 2:30pm, Theological Hall 


Price to Participate: FREE! Registration for this event will be capped at 50 participants

Friday, November 22 | Convocation Hall | 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Volcano’s UK based Associate Artist, Playwright and Queen’s Alumnus, Deborah Pearson leads an introduction to immersive theatre and some current experimental forms in international performance. Then our lecturers take the stage and present brief talks on what they consider to be subjects of pressing importance in the world today.

Saturday, November 23 | Theological Hall | 10am –2pm
Groups are randomly selected, assigned a set of rules and a Team Leader (an experimental theatre maker cast by Volcano from the Toronto or Kingston professional community). The creation period kicks off with a group exercise. Groups break out and begin making work based on the scholarly talks.

Saturday, November 23 | Afternoon Session | Theological Hall | 3pm – 7pm
Creation and exploration continues. During this time, each group will have some time to share and discuss their creation with Deborah.

Sunday, November 24 | Theological Hall | 10am – 1pm
Groups continue to explore and experiment with their projects. This session will include run-throughs, as well as the opportunity to be paired with another team to share each other’s work.

Sunday, November 24 | Theological Hall | 2:30pm-5:30pm
Presentations of the site-specific pieces. In preparation for these, there will be a one-hour tech period. There will be a short post mortem following the presentations.

Click here for a detailed PDF version of the schedule.

Lead Artists


Information about lecturers to be announced soon!


By registering for the inFORMING CONTENT, all Participants agree to abide by the Code of Conduct.

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Photography by Tim Fort

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