Our Staff

Associate Artists


Marlene Stirrett-Matson
Volcano Board Chair, appointed October 12, 2010
Manager, Grants Ontario Business Office at Treasury Board Secretariat
Joined 2009

Devon Elke
Volcano Board Secretary, appointed November 10, 2016
Head of Business Services, Codan Canada
Joined 2015

Jeanne LeSage
Volcano Past President, 2005 - 2008
LeSage Arts Management
Rejoined in 2017

Melissa Williams
Political Science Faculty, University of Toronto
Joined 2015

Matthew Lella
Architect, Diamond Schmitt
Joined 2015


Tephra is a think-tank for new performance. Tephra is made up of professional artists who have an interest in modes of practice and/or the performance philosophy of Volcano. Most have participated in Volcano activities, such as the Conservatory, inForming Content, and/or productions. Tephra, like our Board of Directors, is a voluntary group within Volcano, however the primary concern of Tephra is not financial, but artistic.