History, History, History (Work In Progress)

The Story

“You can sift through photographs and records and ancestry.co.uk and wonder to yourself, who the f*ck were these people, and how long does it take before I can take their tiny, infinitesimal decisions to go for coffee that day, or to wear blue, or to ride horseback, how long does it take before I can take these for granted as having been not simply silly ridiculous maybe even thoughtless decisions, but as being the events and non events and failures and successes that led to me. Not just being born, but being here. Being in this room with all of you, at this moment?”

Deborah Pearson shares brand new work-in-progress material from a show that is still not finished, and has still not started, but she can never remember a time when she did not have this idea. The material will involve a 1956 Communist Football comedy, a shuffling parade of dictators, a writer who lost his name, and an actor who lost his voice. All details that somehow, directly or indirectly, led to her being here today with you. And to you, very possibly, being there with her.

The Team

Created and Performed by | Deborah Pearson
Presented by | Progress
Curated and Produced by | Volcano Theatre & SummerWorks


The Scotsman, UK (On a work-in-progress sharing of History History History)

An absolute joy.
— Joyce McMillan


January 22-23, 2016: Part of the Progress Festival presented in partnership with The Theatre Centre.