The Whole Shebang 

The Story

Dreamwalker Dance Company, in association with Volcano, presents one:two:one, the sixth edition of The Whole Shebang. Inspired by the vision of Dreamwalker artistic director Andrea Nann, one:two:one will transform the Distillery into a creative canvas for a line-up of critically acclaimed artists that will draw audiences into a series of compelling immersive performances.

one:two:one raises questions about identity by exploring the concepts of twinning, mirroring, and unison through movement, sound, spoken text, video, puppet theatre, mirrors, and photography. There are works by identical twins, fraternal twins, and wannabe twins, and also works that explore artistic twinning and the pairing of diverse individuals. The performances create a set of inquiries about how one can become two, and how two can become one.

The Whole Shebang is a compelling multi-arts evening of performances featuring intimate works by choreographers, musicians, writers, and filmmakers that reaches across disciplines and brings together culturally and artistically diverse performers in a showcase of Canadian talent.

The Team

Produced by | Dreamwalker Dance Company in association with Volcano
Featuring | Kate Alton, Kate Franklin, Kate Holden, Johanna Bergfeldt, Pulga Muchochoma, Alex & Ben Kamino, Susanna & Katie Mackay, Andrea Nann, Elysha Poirier, The Puppetmongers, Lucy Rupert, Brendan Wyatt, Kathrin Ollroge, Markus Stahl, Neema Bickersteth, Xin Wang, Helen Yung


2006/2007:  Editions of Dreamwalker Dance Company’s The Whole Shebang, produced in association with Volcano.

November 2012:  The Whole Shebang remount.