The Story

A vaudeville show inspired by the music of Argentinian/German composer, Mauricio Kagel, featuring dance, acrobatics, contortion, burlesque, clowning, magic and the text of Griffin Award winning poet Heather McHugh. Conducted by Robin Engleman.

Produced by Volcano and BMH Shift, in association with Art of Time Ensemble.

The Team


Evadne Fulton | Burlesque Dancer (Brunette)

Graham McKelvie | Fellini Tango dancer

Heather Hammond | Aerialist

Holly Treddenick | Fire Spinner

Jinny Jacinto | Contortionist

Kate Alton | Fellini Tango dancer

Lindsay Milakovic | Fire Spinner

Loran | Magician

Nigel Shawn Williams | Emcee

Peter Chin | Villanous Clown

Rebecca Hope Terry | Sad Clown

Rick Howland | Burlesque Actor (The Photographer)

Stacy Clark Baisley | Aerialist

Stephanie Thompson | Burlesque Dancer (Blonde)


Directed by | Ross Manson

Music by | Mauricio Kagel

Choreography by | Heather McHugh

Conducted by | Robin Engleman

Composer | Mauricio Kagel 

Writer | Heather McHugh

Burlesque Choreographer | Julia Sasso 

“Fellini Tango” Choreographer | Roberto Campanella 

Contortion Choreography | Jinny Jacinto 

Fire Spinner Choreography | Lara Ebata & Nathalie Fullerton

Aerialist Choreography | Stacy Clark Baisley & Heather Hammond 

Villanous Clown Material | Peter Chin

Sad Clown Material | Rebecca Hope Terry 

Magic Act | Loran



January 2004: Produced by Volcano in association with BMH Shift and the Art of Time Ensemble at the Gladstone Hotel, Toronto.

Awards and Nominations

2004 Dora Award winner (Independent Theatre Division) for: 

Outstanding Sound Design/Composition: Mauricio Kagel, Variété

2004 Dora Award nominee (Independent Theatre Division) for: 

Outstanding Production: Variété

Outstanding Direction: Ross Manson, Variété

Outstanding Performance – Male: Nigel Shawn Williams, Variété

Outstanding Costume Design: Veronica Verkley, Variété