May 2013 

Presentations by the Jackman Humanities Institute Fellows Research Focus: Food

Erica Allen-Kim | Building Saigon Nationalism
Stacy Jameson | There’s the Puking, There’s the Gagging: Television Encounters with       Foreign Food
Aldea Mulhern | Meals that Matter: imaginings of ‘progressive’ Jewish and Muslim food in Toronto
Xochitl Ruiz | Fava Beans and Peanuts: work and social support on a street corner in Bogata
Mathura Sabanayagam | The Life Force of Pasta Alfredo and Ice Cream: Food in Contemporary Breast Cancer Narratives

Production Coordinators | Julian Bulof, Kyle Capstick, Megan Poupore, Steph Raposo, Katie Powe, Beth Wong

Artists & Performances

It doesn’t exist if you can’t prove it
Volcano Team Leader: Jacob Wren
Created and Performed by: Emma Letki, Shauna Sloan, Jenna Turk, Denise Mader, Nicole De Angelis
Formal Rule: Play yourselves, trick us, risk something
Lecture: Meals that Matter, Aldea Mulhern

IPS – Identity Placement Service
Volcano Team Leader: Amy Nostbakken
Created and Performed by: Philip Turkiewicz, Luke Reece, Adam Berquist, Kathleen Goodleaf, Emilio Vieira
Formal Rule: Convey the data, step aside
Lecture: Building Saigon Nationalism, Erica Allen-Kim

Department of Homecooked Security
Volcano Team Leader: Jiv Parasram
Created and Performed by: Nicole St. Martin, Marcus Bernacci, Henry Flecher, Rahat Hossain
Formal Rule: Keep going until you’re weak, keep going until you’re tired
Lecture: There’s the Puking, There’s the Gagging, Stacy Jameson

Search for Your Life: Since I’ve Come to Know Senora
Volcano Team Leader: Audrey Dwyer
Created and Performed by: Morgan Johnson, Anne Stoesser, Jenifer Alejandra Simmons, Julia Matias, Simon Borer, Natalie Novak
Formal Rule: Take us somewhere, show us something
Lecture: Fava Beans and Peanuts, Xochitl Ruiz

Jour Par Jour
Volcano Team Leader: Susie Burpee
Created and Performed by: Melanie Adamsons, Nathan Carroll, Candice Irwin, Sam Bergmann-Good, Kaya Bucholc
Formal Rule: Tell us something through instructions
Lecture: Food in Contemporary Breast Cancer Narratives, Mathura Sabanayagam

Intimacy of Food
Volcano Team Leader: David Yee
Created and Performed by: Judith Cockman, Meg Moran, Emilie Maeda, Rose Hopkins, Laura Jane Nelles
Formal Rule: One performer at a time, one audience member at a time
Lecture: There’s the Puking, There’s the Gagging and Meals that Matter