The Story

Khmais, a construction worker, spends a night at the construction site meditating about his life. Despised by his wife and son, rejected by society and abandoned by God, he sees nothing but wreckage: his life is in ruins. Faced with the apparent meaninglessness of existence, Khmais looks forward to a new day…

Tunisian actor, dancer and playwright Meher Awachri performs his acclaimed interpretation of the ancient myth of Sisyphus, offering insights into contemporary Arab society and the idea of what revolution entails – all through spoken word and choreography. Khmais, bitter and disappointed with life, dares to challenge prevailing assumptions about the role of religion in human life. He seems to be losing his faith, and although this painful realization scares him, it also gives him strength. Sisyphus revolted and was punished; Khmais voluntarily chooses hell to be his fate.

D-Sisyphe won the first prize at the Thespis International Festival in Kiel, Germany (tied with O My Irma, written by Canada’s Haley McGee). This is its North American premiere. It is generously supported by Why Not Theatre and The Goethe Institute.

The Team

Performed and Written By | Meher Awachri
Directed by | Meher Awachri and Imed May