(or How to Become Your Gender, in ten easy steps)

The Story

Michael works in an office. John works in an office. Nigel works in an office. Lance works in an office. Kennedy works in an office. John hates Michael. Nigel hates John. Lance hates himself. Kennedy likes everyone, as long as they’re not gay. Once a week they play poker. Until one week, when everyone’s bluff is called. The result? Murder, mayhem, LOTS of beer. Boys will be boys.

The Play About the Other Play, by Deborah Pearson and the company, directed by Claire Calnan
My name is Deborah. I wrote a play about Masculinity. It was called Tabletalk. I tried to do the same for Femininity, but my female characters ran amuck – deconstructed the first play, then built something else with its parts. Come see what they made. It is lopsided but truthful.

Co.ED is an innovative collaboration with the York University Acting Conservatory program. It is a two-part exploration of what it means to have a gender, presented in two different performance styles. The first play sets up a comfortable narrative framework – like building a fort – and the second tears it down, one wooden plank at a time.

The Team

Directed by | Ross Manson (Table Talk) and Claire Calnan (The Play About the Other Play)

Two Plays by | Deborah Pearson and the fourth year Acting Conservatory company

Produced by | York University Department of Drama, in association with Volcano

Table Talk Performed by | Kaleb Alexander, Chris Karczmar, Bryan Demore, Andrew Loder, Jamie Maczko, Rob Renda, Jim Schmidt

The Play About the Other Play performed by | Bronwyn Caudle, Tina Fance, Jamie Gosse, Kaitlin Janisse,  Erin Kehoe, Vanessa Quagliara, Stephanie Tonietto

Choreographed by | Kate Alton

Stage Manager | Emily Grindrod

Set Design | Laura Storey

Lighting Design | Jareth Li

Costume Design | Morgan-Leigh Hearty

Sound Design | Evette Sinticichakis

Asst Directors | Kristina Esposito, Matt Marshall


2009: Development and Premiere