The Cherry Docs

The Story

A neo-nazi skinhead stands accused of a racially motivated murder. He requests a Jewish public defender. Cherry-coloured Doc Martens are the murder weapon. A high octane examination of judgment and redemption.

Photography by Niv Baraket

Photography by Niv Baraket

The Team

Written by | David Gow
Directed by | Richard Rose
Set and Costume Design by | Teresa Przybylski
Lighting Design by | Graeme S. Thomson
Sound Design by | Angela DaRocha
Assistant Director | Heather Morton
Stage Manager | Erica Heyland
Assistant Stage Manager | Kristen McCollum
Production Manager | Rebecca Picherack
Starring | Ross Manson and R.H. Thomson


January 1998: Developed by Volcano, co-produced by the Factory Theatre. World Premiere. 

Cherry Docs went on to become, internationally, one of the most produced Canadian scripts of the decade.

Awards and Nominations

2 Dora nominations. Nominated for a Chalmers National Play Award.