The Invisible Bouffon

LED BY: Adam Lazarus
DATES: JULY 25-27| 7pm - 10pm

Join Adam Lazarus for a three-day exploration into The Invisible Bouffon. Over the course of the workshop, students will dive into the world of hypocrisy and theatricality. Day one will introduce the language and bodies of bouffon in their wildest forms. Day two, students will move the grotesque inwards. Day three, we will strip down the mask of the bouffon see them as real – flawed, complicated, human.

Quite often, theatrical representations of Bouffon are outrageous and extreme, bodies are transformed into caricature and audiences are held at a distance. There is another way that bouffon has evolved in the theatre - the ordinary looking bouffon. The bouffon that looks like you and I, filled with the hypocrisy of our inner-battle to balance our good and evil.

This workshop is designed for both professional and pre-professional actors, dancers, writers, critical thinkers and physical performers, wishing to increase their performance palette.  Games and exercises are used to discover students’ pleasure to play and mock social deceptions while simultaneously making audiences love you.

The class will challenge students to take risks, hone their improvisational skills and push through performance inhibitions. The workshop aims to help actors find the pleasure of being present and the utter joys in mocking the sacred and critiquing the people and institutions who have power and influence and who set the rules for how society should function.