The Body in Motion / The Body in Sound

LED BY: Andrea Nann
DATES: JULY 22-26 |9-11am

This morning workshop is for any performer from any discipline who wants to investigate and deepen their awarenesses of body, breath, memory, touch, and sound. Building on a movement practice called Conscious Bodies we will begin each session with a series of sensory awakening actions and progress through sequences of fluid movement explorations and guided meditations, rich with image and texture. By tuning in to past and present experiences we will extend our perceptual fields, enhancing our abilities to observe and relate to our self, to others, and to the world around us. We will explore dynamic exchange by activating our physical, metaphorical and acoustic bodies - in both solo and group focussed exercises - cultivating a body better able to be in space in a relaxed way, and to respond to others with a deeper and more open sense of self and connection. We will breathe, undulate, hum, touch, and spiral together, practicing receiving and giving, exchanging kindnesses, and discovering and sustaining our authentic bodies and voices.