Mutangana Moise

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Moyize (Mutangana Moise) is a Rwandan singer and composer who collaborated with the University Centre for Arts and Drama of the University of Rwanda for 7 years (2004 to 2011). He is a founding members of Ikobe Muzik Group with which he toured in June 2010 in Tilburg (The Netherlands) at the Mundial Festival. In July 2010, he is selected to participate to the Sundance East Africa Residency in Kenya (Manda) with The Book of Life. His musical journeys led him to France (Nantes / 2011) and USA (New York / 2011& 2012). In September 2012, Moyize recorded his first album Mumataha in collaboration with Alif Naaba from Burkina Faso. Mumataha is Moyize’s contribution to the 20th commemoration of the 1994 genocide in 2014.