Kristine White
visual animation designer and Operator


Kristine has been working as a puppeteer and visual artist since 2011, with a focus on work that is created for site-specific, public spaces. She has worked with Shadowland Theatre, Clay and Paper Theatre, Jumblies Theatre and Birdbone Theatre as a designer, writer, performer, and builder. She has apprenticed under and learned from marionette master Mirek Trejtnar in Prague, traditional shadow puppeteer Rakmachandran Tholpawkuthu in India, Puppetmongers Theatre in Toronto, and Peter Schumann of Bread and Puppet Theatre in Vermont. Kristine has developed a specialty in designing and building large-scale puppets for parades and pageants, having been a designer and builder for Clay and Paper Theatre since 2014. In 2016 she shifted to focus her work on shadow puppetry, and hasn’t looked back. She has toured shows in Ontario, Quebec, and Colorado, as well as in Greece, Cyprus, and India.