Rimah Jabr

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Rimah Jabr is a Palestinian playwright and Theatre-maker, with a strong base in Brussels and Toronto where she lives now. She received her Masters degree in Theatre Arts from Erasmus Hogeschool Brussels RITCS, in June 2014. During her time there she wrote and directed "Two Lady Bugs”, “The Prisoner'’, and "The Apartment". From 2014 -2015 Rimah was artist in residence at Moussem where she wrote and directed "High Heels and Stuffed Zucchini". After meeting visual artist Jouzef Wouters in 2015 they co-created INFINI #5, which was part of the “Under construction Festival 2018” in Ramallah City, Palestine.

In 2015 Rimah also started a Masters degree in Screen writing at the Ritcs. She has played roles in the films “Problemskie Hotel” by Belgian filmmaker Manu Rich and in the award winning “Saint’s Game” by French filmmaker Amelie Derlon Cordina; Rimah played a lead character, which she also co-wrote.

In Toronto Rimah presented a reading of "This is Not What I Want to Tell You". In 2016, Rimah co-created “Two Birds One Stone”, with Natasha Greenblatt, which was produced at The Tarragon Theatre in Toronto in June 2018.  Her writing also includes the TYA play “RAYA” which was produced in Belgium.

Rimah is an Artist Educator at Young People’s Theatre in Toronto, the Metcalf Intern-Artistic Director at Volcano Theatre and Artist in Residence at The Theater Centre between 2018- 2020, where she will develop “Broken Shapes” with visual artist Dareen Abbas, supported by The Theatre Centre in Toronto and Moussem in Belgium.