Esie Mensah: Body Awareness

LED BY: Esie Mensah
DATES: JULY 26-28 |9-11am

This is an explorative dance/theatre workshop designed for actors, dancers, singers and performance creators of all kinds, led by renowned Afro-fusion, Hip Hop and Traditional Ghanian dancer/choreographer Esie Mensah. In this class, participants will address the question: how does the body move when we live in our own world? Through movement and visualization exercises, the class will tap into the essence of being an artist - in an individual way. You will tune-in to your own rhythm through moving, and through developing a new outlook on your body/mind connection. The body in motion is an instrument of storytelling and spirituality. You will learn to make use of the whole body, with a particular focus on isolations, angular and asymmetrical moves, and your own relationship to yourself. We will do both solo and partnering work to develop a new vocabulary for expression - one suited to you. Come with an open mind (comfortable clothes) and an excitement as to where the journey will take you. Dance experience not required.