You’ve probably had one or two struggles getting access to the equipment you need to do your work, right? Well, Rwandan artists face a similar challenge.

As Volcano gears up to take Century Song to Kigali's Ubumuntu festival in July - held at the Genocide Memorial's glorious outdoor amphitheatre - our pianist extraordinaire Gregory Oh has been wondering how things are going to play out (no pun intended!) because grand pianos are pretty hard to come by in Rwanda. 

On top of that, Hope Azeda, the AD of Ubumuntu, has asked if we might consider leaving a piano behind with the festival. She writes: “We are constantly struggling with providing instruments, lights, sound and all sorts of equipment required by visiting artists.” So not only do we need a state-of-the-art instrument for Greg, we need one that we don’t have to give back.

Enter the fine folks at Yamaha Canada. They have generously agreed to match all donations up to $3000 in total to cover the cost of a top-notch electric concert piano, so we can give it to the festival after our run. With your support, this can be an amazing gift from one community of artists to another. 

All donations are fully tax receiptable – just fill in this form below and know that together we're providing a lasting resource for the arts community of Kigali!

Sincere thanks from:
Ross, Meredith, Dian, and Rimah - Volcano HQ
Neema, Ben, Greg, Emilie, Patrick, Kaitlin, Ryan, and Kate  - the Century Song cast and crew