The Four Horsemen Project Press

Alton and Manson have found the perfect semi-serious tone for their hybrid show… The four dancers/spoken-word artists… are equally impressive… This is a victory lap for a galloping production.
— J. Kelly Nestruck
The Four Horsemen Project contains: laughing, sobbing, lip smacking, heaving, squeaking, squealing, cheek shaking, grunting, growling, heavy breathing and more. Part documentary, part dance, jazz, theatre, sound poetry, visual poetry and music; The Four Horsemen Project is a genre-breaking experiment in human expression… the perfect alchemy of artistic discipline, form and stunning content.
— Jasmine Chen
…more fun than belly flopping on twelve inches of bubble rap… a melodious orgy of sight and sound. Saddle up!
— Steven Berketo
The 4 performers on stage kill it. Supported by Kate Alton’s hot and hard (ie. difficult) choreography… a cacophony of sound and movement that is at times funny, endearing, sweet and/or just plain weird.
— Theatre Isn't Dead

The Toronto Star, Toronto 

Please, please, please believe the hype… 65 minutes of seamless and exuberantly integrated dance, animation, poetry and dopy archival footage… just on the right side of the madness-brilliance divide.
— Kamal Al-Solaylee
If you’re going to see The Four Horsemen Project, then throw out most of your conventional notions of what constitutes a piece of theatre.
— Richard Ouzounian

Eye Weekly, Toronto

Berliner Zeitung, Berlin

Ostensibly is this text theatre piece by the Canadian company, Volcano, about sound poetry, but the effect is one of an increasing, physically-felt sense of happiness…
— Berliner Zeitung Newspaper
The Four Horsemen Project, a reworking of a 1970’s piece by Canadian sound poetry ensemble the Four Horsemen, is hilarious and brilliantly performed.
— Eye Weekly
The Four Horseman Project Makes Sound Poetry Cool
— Johnnie Walker