Ross Manson will be on his way to Kigali in April to direct a new play, The Book of Life, to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide. It is our hope that we will be able to bring the show back to Toronto shortly there after.

The Book of Life is written by the incredible Odile Gakire (Kiki) Katese. In her new project, she leads an audience through a remarkable journey – a kind of how-to guide to rebuild a deep understanding of life in the aftermath of incalculable loss.

We are humbly asking for your support as we embark on our next exciting production. Volcano has forged some wonderful bonds with the artists of Rwanda, and we cannot wait to embark on this next exciting production in collaboration with someone as incredible as Kiki. All donations are fully tax receiptable – just fill in this form below and know that together we're providing a lasting resource for the arts community of Kigali!

Sincere thanks from:
Ross, Meredith, Kiki and Steven