Tephra Group


Tephra: fragments of volcanic rock and lava that are blasted into the air by explosions…. Small tephra stays aloft for long periods of time.


•      Professional Artists in the Volcano Theatre community who gather to share views and skills relating to experimental performance

•      Volunteers who contribute to the artistic health of Volcano

•      Volcano ambassadors who amplify the company’s range of work through word of mouth and social media


Tephra acts as a think tank within Volcano. Members attend showings of work in development and provide constructive feedback when necessary. Tephra members will be invited to dress rehearsals and granted access to the Volcano rehearsal process upon request (contingent on consent of director and performers). Tephra members will also take part in an annual Jam Session; a skills-sharing creation session thematically connected with one of Volcano’s productions. Volcano Artistic Director Ross Manson, along with special guest artists, will host occasional round table discussions with Tephra pertaining to a topic of the members’ choosing. Tephra will also be granted Volcano discounted artists rates for the Volcano Conservatory classes, and early access to course registration.

In addition to three formal events over the course of the 2017-18 Volcano Season, Tephra members will receive news updates from the Volcano community and invitations to informal gatherings, such as watching a show together and grabbing a drink afterwards and chatting about it. This group can also act as a creative support network within the broader community.


To join Tephra you must write a letter of interest a) introducing yourself and your artistic practice b) explaining why you would like to be a member of Tephra c) responding to one Volcano production that you have seen.

If you are interested in joining Tephra please contact: tephraTO@gmail.com. Michela Sisti, or Tephra Admin team-member, will get back to you.