Volcano and the Moveable Beast Collective are developing Treemonisha, a reimagining of Scott Joplin's ragtime-era masterpiece. We are looking for performers who would be available to take part in a full-time workshop process from January 14 - 26, 2019 in Toronto, and will be considered for final casting of the work, due for full production in the 2019/20 season. The full list of the creative team is at the end of this page on our website.

Treemonisha is set in the 1880s in Texarkana, USA, in a African-American community. The music is by Scott Joplin. The libretto is new, as is the orchestration. Joplin’s setting and most of his characters remain, although there are two new characters (both women). Joplin called it an opera, but it is an opera unlike any other. The music is a hybrid of classical opera, blues, gospel, spiritual, barbershop, and ragtime. We will be doing an acoustic production, so we need very strong singers. Classical training is helpful, but not a requirement, as we will also be seeking some singers with other vocal styles. The ability to read music is an advantage, but not a requirement.

All that roles that are open for audition are for people who identify as part of the African diaspora. We encourage you to watch our Treemonisha trailer to get a sense of the range of vocal styles used in the work.


Zodzerick: Baritone. An herbalist and freed slave who has found ancestral worship to be a source of fulfilment and strength. Falls in love with Treemonisha. Approximate age range: 30 - 45

Lucy: Soprano. The little sister of Treemonisha. Close to Treemonisha, and a source of strength for her. Approximate age range: 20 - 35

Monisha: Soprano. Treemonisha's adopted mother, a freed slave. Well-intentioned. Has seen a lot of pain, and - because of her daughters - also joy. Approximate age range: 45 - 65.

Aunt Dinah: Mezzo-Soprano. A freed slave who has become a businesswoman. Fierce, independent, and wise. Approximate age range: 45 - 65.

Chorus members: Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone. The chorus is small (7 singers) and central to the piece. Each chorus member will play several roles as the piece takes place in three different communities. We need good actors as well as strong singers. An ability to sing in more than one vocal style may be helpful. Dance experience may be beneficial, but vocal ability is key.


STEP ONE: please email a headshot, CV, and a link to an existing online recording of a singing performance to: by Monday April 8, 2018. In the subject line, please use the following format: TREEMONISHA AUDITION - [ROLE] - [YOUR NAME]

STEP TWO: selected applicants will be sent sheet music from Treemonisha. They will be asked to tape themselves singing and upload their footage online for review by our creative team.

STEP THREE: a live audition for selected applicants from STEP TWO will happen in Toronto on Monday April 30.