The Story

The Four Horsemen Project is a multi-disciplinary extravaganza conceived and co-directed by Toronto’s dance-theatre dynamic duo, Ross Manson and Kate Alton, in collaboration with Vancouver animation studio Global Mechanic. Live, on-stage, swirling animation and sonic hi-jinx make the poetry of Canada’s 1970s avant-garde scene leap off the page and onto the stage.

The Four Horsemen Project uses the philosophical goal of the early sound poets themselves as its structural spine: the idea that poetry is far more than words on a page; poetry encompasses sound, breath and the human body. With this remarkable collaboration, a new generation of artists breathes life into some nearly-forgotten work – iconoclastic, brilliant, delightfully irreverent – work that set the whole world on its ear.

The Team

Conceived and Co-directed by | Kate Alton and Ross Manson
Based on the poetry of The Four Horsemen by | Rafael Barreto-Rivera, Paul Dutton, Steve McCaffery and bpNichol
Choreography by | Kate Alton
Animation by | Bruce Alcock and Global Mechanic
Musical Direction by | John Millard
Dramaturgy by | Ross Manson
Lighting Design by | Itai Erdal
Costume Design by | Cass Reimer
Starring | Jennifer Dahl, Graham McKelvie, Naoko Murakoshi and Andrea Nann
Stage Managers | Angie Jones, Kathryn Westoll, J.P Robichaud, Kai-Yueh Chen



February 2007: The Four Horsemen Project world premiere at Factory Theatre, Toronto. 

March 2007: Tour to the Great Canadian Theatre Company, Ottawa

January 2008: Tour to British Columbia: Intrepid Theatre in Victoria; and the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival, Vancouver.

July 2008: Tour to the Thousand Islands Playhouse, Gananoque,  

September 2008: Tour to Project Arts Centre at the Dublin Fringe Festival.

July 2009: Tour to Das Kesselhaus at Berlin’s Poesie Festival.

July 2014: Toronto Remount at The Theatre Centre

Awards and Nominations

2007 Dora Award Winner (Independent Theatre Division) for: 

Outstanding New Play: Bruce Alcock, Kate Alton, Rafael Barreto-Rivera, bpNichol, Paul Dutton, Steve MacCaffrey & Ross Manson

Outstanding Production: The Four Horsemen Project

Outstanding Direction: Kate Alton & Ross Manson

Outstanding Lighting Design: Itai Erdal

And nominated for Outstanding Costume Design: Cass Reimer & Outstanding Sound Design/Composition: John Millard & John Gzowski

2015 Dora Award Winner (General Theatre Division) for:  

Outstanding Sound Design/Composition: Rafael Barreto Rivera, Paul Dutton, Steve McCaffery & bpNicohol. (Additional Sound Design Creation: Bill Brennan, Graham Hargrove, John Millard and the cast)

And nominated for Outstanding Performance – Ensemble: The Four Horsemen Project.

Dublin International Fringe Best Design Award: The Four Horsemen Project